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Why do we prefer Sketch to Photoshop?

They are two of the strongest, if not the strongest, application design programs in the current digital landscape. But in DIGITAL55 we are discovering that we like Sketch more. Why?

Regarding the design of web and mobile applications, some of the advantages are obvious:

  • For starters, the interface is much cleaner and more manageable than  Photoshop. This difference, a priori, seems to not be important. In the day-to-day, however, it translates into comfortable work and economic time use, thus cultivating an ideal environment for the mobile UI. Ultimately, it leads to absolute fidelity for the user.
  • To continue, Sketch is much cheaper (99 USD, versus monthly payments for Photoshop). And it’s also lighter: Sketch occupies 52 MB while Photoshop uses 1.6 GB.
  • In addition, every day there are more resources available to make the most of Sketch. There are frequent updates, and more and more plugins appear to facilitate the design., for example, is a plugin that allows people to populate designs, duplicate, generate styles, and so on. Although it is true that this is also available for Photoshop, some features are unique to Sketch.
  • Fourth, technical support responds quickly (if not immediately). Reporting an error is a seamless process.
  • Fifth, Sketch only works with pixels. Regarding applications, other measures  such as centimeters, millimeters, and picas provide no additional utility …
  • In Sketch, however, there are no 3D tools available (or many others), but the truth is that they are not necessary. It is true that in Photoshop there is greater variety, but many tools are only useful in photo retouching and other types of compositions that have nothing to do with apps. Using eraser or proofing tools proves useless in prototyping mobile applications.
  • And, finally, Cmnd Z; Cmnd C; Cmnd V … Do they sound familiar? Exactly: undo, copy, paste … The commands are familiar to any Mac user.

For us, it is clear: Sketch fits like a glove for the needs of web and mobile application design. While Photoshop is still popular in drawing and photography, it is inferior for apps.