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Traso: A Rights Market to Solve the Traffic Problem

Problem: Traffic in cities requires cross-cutting measures against pollution that all citizens pay equally. Parking restrictions, registration numbers, speed limits, and taxes are unfair measures against pollution.

Solution in one sentence: Traso is a digital market to facilitate transactions for traffic rights.

Status: Traso reflects a possible digital solution to pollution. Product development is not its objective.

Solution Description: When citizens get their licenses, they earn the right to drive. Through Traso, they could monetize this right if they choose not to use it. Traso allows citizens to buy and sell their rights to pollute. In this case, the right to drive would have a limit within cities, measured through either time or distance.

If a citizen wants to move above the allocated limit, he must buy more kilometers (or the decided unit) in Traso’s digital market.

Traffic control would be monitored with telematic technology or cameras with an OCR for license plate reading.

Traso is a way of transferring rent from the citizens who directly contaminate to the citizens who do not pollute, avoiding the transversal measures of restricting traffic.

In terms of income distribution, the value of the traffic rights would mark a minimum guaranteed income for any citizen.

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