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Top 10 Mobile Learning Apps

Technology use in classrooms increases student motivation, generating more interest and interaction, as we saw in the post about M-learning and innovation in classrooms. That’s why we’ve compiled the 10 most innovative apps:


It solves all types of mathematical systems using a mobile camera. The application gives the solution to the problem step by step, helping the user to understand the final result.



With this application, children can learn to program in an entertaining and intuitive way by solving puzzles or controlling robots and drones. Older kids can use building apps and games. It is an application based on Scratch, the programming language developed by MIT.


Astronomy application that converts your phone into a stellar atlas with augmented reality. The app uses the camera to visualize the sky, showing interactive maps of constellations.



App that has more than 10,000 videos and explanations about science, math, economics, history, computer science, etc. It also allows you to perform exercises to master the shown lessons. The learning is synchronized. That is, you can continue a lesson where a student left off last time without needing an Internet connection.


App in which teachers create educational activities to prepare their classes. They can be on any topic and at all levels of learning. It also has a collaborative game, Quizlet Live. This application is used by more than 20 million students and teachers per month in the United States.



A game that serves to teach a new language. It puts the student in the role of a spy who has to use a foreign language to go unnoticed. It was named the best app in the 2017 Google Play Awards.


The application gives virtual tours in more than 1,200 museums, international galleries and institutions from 70 countries. The user will be able to learn about works of art and the most famous events of different historical periods. In addition, you can create your own collections with various works to share in networks with other users.



An app that allows teachers to make questionnaires for students to learn through trivia contests. The winner answers the most questions correctly. At the end, each group of questions shows a ranking with the best scores.


Application where you can create and design electronic circuits. You learn operations and elements step by step. The app offers an option to share the circuit by email, social networks, or YouTube.



Tool to prepare for the SAT (an American standardized test). By means of an estimated score, obtained from the answers to the tests of each subject, the student will be able to identify the level of knowledge that he or she has in that area.