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The Most Popular Programming Languages in 2017

There is a great variety of official rankings that help teach technology’s popularity. Rankings like the PYPL indexTIOBERedmonkTrendyskills or IEEE Spectrum’s differ in the measurements that they use. They all provide valuable information on the set of languages.

The most used are the PYPL index and TIOBE, which are based on the popularity of searches.

PYPL: PopularitY of Programming Language Index

The PopularitY of Programming Languages Index or PYPL is generated by the percentage of programming language tutorial searches on Google. It uses Google Trends as an information source.

The ranking of 2017 is shown below. The search frequency index is compared with the previous year:


Java maintains their kingdom, while PHP continues to fall. Python records remarkable growth.


One of the best known rankings, TIOBE (The Importance of Being Earnest) uses the biggest search engines (Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia…) to nourish its algorithm. It shows each programming language’s uses.

The following table shows the year-to-year comparison to November 2017:


According to the information provided by these rankings, one can draw the following conclusions:

  • The most popular and most used programming language is still Java, followed by CC++ and Python. This conclusion especially takes into account the TIOBE index, which assesses the number of programmers who use these languages, as well as their search frequency in different engines.
  • According to PYPL, Java is the most searched programming language on Google  In this case, it is followed by Python in second place. It has increased its popularity (10.9%) in five years.
  • Another trendy language is Kotlin, thanks to its links with app development for Android. According the PYPL, this language experienced the greatest increase in searches in 2016.
  • On the contrary,  PHP is declining.It has fallen one position in the TIOBE index compared to last year, and is also declining in the PYPL ranking. It is one of the only languages whose indexes are down (-55%) compared to previous years.


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