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The Host Guide: An App for Owners of Tourist Apartments

Problem: Owners of apartments for tourists often leave papers with plans, brochures of tourist attractions, and domestic appliance manuals in their home. There is no way to digitally transmit this information. When the guest arrives at the apartment, the owner explains how everything works and leaves recommendations. Usually, the guest has to ask questions for her whole stay.

Solution in one sentence: The Host Guide is an app that allows the owners of tourist apartments to open a channel of digital communication with their clients.

Status: Platform in testing. Presented to big operators within the sector.

Solution description: The Host Guide allows owners of tourist apartments to create an app to post recommendations, frequently asked questions, and videos of how to use the appliance. It is a digital guide to seamlessly transmit any information that guests may need during their trip.

Access to the app requires prior authorization from the owner. Guests can leave further videos to help following tenants.

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