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The End of the Homework Problem

Problem: Teachers assign students homework. Parents consider the amount of work excessive.

Solution in one sentence: Digital platform that allows parents to tell parents the after-school time commitment demanded by each school.

Status: Concept. Opened to conversations with companies and entities of the educational sector with interest in developing the project.

Solution Description: Homework is a problem because schools are not obligated to publicize the number of extracurricular hours they demand from their students.

In the absence of regulation in this regard, a digital platform where schools voluntarily set goals for after school hours would help parents select the kind of education they want for their children.

The goals set by the school would become time slots for teachers. To instruct their students to work after school, teachers must first reserve a slot.

Given that the quota of slots is limited by the commitment of after-school hours, excesses would disappear.


The platform would make the secondary education market much more efficient and transparent:

  • So far the effectiveness of a school is measured by the academic results of its students. By making the use of after school hours public, parents would have a new ranking to consider: Schools that get better academic results with less out-of-school effort.
  • Excessive out-of-school burden is often a consequence of lack of coordination among teachers. A teacher does not know if another teacher has sent work for that day. Reserving slots causes coordination between teachers.
  • It increases parents’ ability to decide. The new rankings would allow parents to choose between more or less schoolwork.

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