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Some Innovative Initiatives in North America’s Real Estate Sector

The United States is at the peak of innovation in the real estate sector. North Americans see the home as an investment. We follow the market periodically in order to search for innovative initiatives. Here are some of the latest:


Point: “Put on sale” a part of your house

Imagine having money in a safe that you are not allowed access – instead, you must borrow the equivalent amount of money from a bank and pay the bank interest for the privilege. That is what homeowners face every day with the wealth tied to their homes. Accessing that wealth requires borrowing against the home, equity refinancing, home equity loans or home equity lines of credit (HELOCs). Point fixes that problem.” With this introduction, Point aims to attract potential customers with its revolutionary method.


It works in a simple way:

  • The owner provides their information and if Point is interested in the house, they make an offer.
  • If you accept the offer, an appraiser, paid by the owner, will visit the house to check the status.
  • Once the visit is finished, Point deposits the amount agreed into your account.
  • In a maximum of 10 years, one of two scenarios may occur: 1) sell the house. In this case, Point would receive a percentage that ranges between 10% and 25% of the appraisal at the time of the sale, plus the money previously invested by Point. 2) repurchase the percentage sold to Point with the appraised price of the home at the time of the repurchase (only if it has increased).

Point is a fully digital platform that operates exclusively on the American continent. Although it could be seen as a Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC), it differs from these in that it does not require monthly payments with variable interest and is not conceived as a loan, but as an investment.


RealConnex: A community for the sector’s professionals

RealConnex works as a social network where real estate professionals are connected to each other. When they register, these professionals must provide certain information on what their specialty is within the real estate sector (purchase-sale, investments, business development …). This way, other professionals can find them easier when they need their services.

It’s a digital community with more than 700,000 members that also works as a crowdfunding platform, providing registered users the possibility of proposing business ideas and fundraising or professional support from other members of the community.


Buzz Buzz Home: Sale and rental of newly created exclusive houses

Buzz Buzz Home  is a completely digital real estate company that offers the sale or rent of newly created apartments in a large number of exclusive areas of the Canadian and US territory.

The platform also allows that real estate sector professionals to register and be able to attract new clients who access the web.


Cadre: Real estate investments

Cadre is a digital platform created in 2014 whose purpose is to provide individuals and institutions with the opportunity to invest in real estate at highly competitive prices. Once the user has registered online, he can “buy portions” of real estate offered through the platform.

At first, Cadre makes an investment in all the offers approved within the platform. Subsequently, users make a minimum investment of $100,000 on the property offered. After that, Cadre works with the owner of the property in order to “strategically manage the asset and maximize the value.” Once the deal is closed, the platform earns a portion relative to its investment and the investors’ commissions.