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Platform that Streamlines Sales Forces

Both the sector as a whole and human resource departments are experiencing a progressive digital transformation that is perfecting personnel management. In Íncipy’s second study on digitally transforming human resource departments, 100 companies were surveyed. It found that in Spain, 60% of these businesses have started a digital transformation process in human resources, and 19% confirm that they are in an advanced stage of this process.

Leadership using unidirectional communication such as (Intranet, employee websites, and newsletters are the most popular today.

Human resources software is beginning to catch on. However, its use continues to be centered principally around automating classic processes. A small part (24%) have advanced these platforms for project management and data analysis.

(Second study about digital transformation in human resources departments)


DIGITAL55 has developed a platform that revolutionizes the human resources sector by managing projects, analyzing data, and evaluating competition and employee performance, amongst other capabilities.


How does the platform work?

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The system uses algorithms that associate systemic human activity to relevant points of sale. Some points that this takes into account are characteristics from a worker’s profile, advertising campaigns, and the establishment’s location. This information facilitates an exponential increase in the software’s performance.

The platform also utilizes tools so that management can learn about worker profiles, request information when necessary, generate new points of sale, edit plans in real time, and supervise work in assigned places.

The platform’s main advantages

Worker profiles and point of sale characteristics

The platform classifies workers through an extensive variety of characteristics: languages, geographic zones, professional qualifications, specialties, capabilities, past assessments, valuation on commercial action, affinities with products they are going to work with, etc. These parameters help outline workers and give management and human resources more power to understand each sales force’s best qualities.

Points of sale are not homogeneous: Some have less commercial traffic than others, or the type of traffic varies depending on its location and hours, or the products and services offered are different in different places. The platform also simplifies work by defining points of sale, creating rankings within given classifications by functional attributes. This, in turn, supplies management or human resources the ability to connect workers with the best points of sale, given their capabilities or circumstances.


Smart streamlining by planning through the app

The system, by using smart algorithms, finds the best workers according to the desired characteristics. Management and human resources, afterwards, are in charge of validating, modifying, and planning their own criteria. The platform also encourages workflows based on a company’s hierarchy. In other words, it makes it easier to share and revise employee work.

The utilized artificial intelligence and machine learning models learn on their own to predict planning time and set realistic objectives for projects.


Supervising projects through the platform

The system includes tools that management/human resources can use to supervise everything that is happening in real time, and how the project’s execution comports with the original plan.

Both from a tablet and through the application, management can evaluate each worker with a questionnaire and report impacts this may have at the point of sale. Through the system, one can also send and receive audiovisual material to further improve communication.

Management/human resources also have essential tools to evaluate employee work, and measure project results and relevance of different points of sale.

The selected information is very valuable for management. It generates a circular information flow that serves as a path for optimizing future plans. This information helps to perfect in a timely manner the management of workers, making investments in promotion or establishment more efficient and profitable.


DIGITAL55 and improving measures

Improving a platform for commercial promotions is a huge help and greatly contributes when businesses utilize it at their point of sale.

At DIGITAL55, we are experts in measurably improving applications and platforms. If you are interested in improving a similar platform, contact us.