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KLIPR Converts Corporate Intranets into Local Apps. 50,000 Users and Growing

In the process of digital transformation, most companies plan to renovate their corporate intranet. Internal portals, corporate intranets, and extranets have all been overwhelmed by the volume of services they support and have severe accessibility problems. They are not friendly to their users, nor their settings.

Transitioning from a website to a local app is the opportunity to reconsider services provided by the intranet. It brings to your phone only the most relevant information. KLIPR is the platform DIGITAL55 developed to help companies create local mobile intranets.

Currently, KLIPR serves more than 50,000 users in different companies and associations. It is gradually becoming one of the most advanced solutions on the market to address communication with employees and customers.

It is an intuitive and easy to use platform that facilitates bidirectional communication between users and company:

  • Restricted access. Authorized users download the app. The app can also be distributed by private channels.
  • Information. Corporate information is published in employees’ apps. It can be accompanied by photo, video, documents or presentations.
  • Training. Companies also use KLIPR to launch small amounts of training via video, audio or text directly to phones. Employees can consume this at any time or place. They do not need to be at their desks.
  • View Permissions. All users have the same app, but not everyone sees the same content. The administrator decides what content each user or group of users can view.
  • Subscription to thematic channels. To avoid overloading information, users can subscribe to thematic channels and display only the information related to select topics.
  • Requests. Through the app, employees can make requests, inquiries or reservations. Requests reach the relevant individuals or departments and can be answered.
  • Push notifications. One of the most powerful communication tools is push notifications. The administrator can send alerts as push notifications directly to mobile users/groups.

KLIPR works as a stand-alone and can be operational within two weeks. It also integrates into corporate applications such as Share Point or Liferay to avoid duplication of content load, as well as active directory, SAML, and Google Suite.