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Insurtech Insurance on Demand: Insurance per Day

Insurance on demand is one of the most powerful lines of innovation that the insurance industry is experiencing. Startups are proving that the client is not always interested in medium- and long-term insurances. The market also demands insurances for hours, days, weeks and months.

The most famous experiment in this field was launched by TROV in the United States in 2012. Since that year, the company has received more than 40 million dollars in capital injections.

TROV’s concept is groundbreaking: The user activates and deactivates insurance on their belongings using an app, with monthly coverage deadlines. TROV assures cell phones, computers, tablets, appliances, cameras, etc. Both the activation and the processing of any sinister is done through the app.

Daily insurance

Insurance Per Day is the Spanish startup that applies to the vehicle’s insurance concept similar to TROV. When we met Insurance Per Day, we loved both the business approach and the team of people behind the company. It combines the maturity and knowledge of the insurance sector that managers treasure, with a technical team committed to the project’s success.

DIGITAL55 reached an agreement to conceptualize and develop the technology needed to bring the product to mobile devices through an app. A few weeks ago the apps were in the markets, making it easier for users to purchase temporary insurance on a first-level native experience.

Insurance Per Day is one of the most enriching jobs we have had in recent years. A temporary product has an expiration date. This was one element that allowed us to give life to the app. It was also in our favor that temporary insurance does not need a charging system to pre-profile the user.

The result has been an app with a powerful user experience, designed to promote recurring purchases and accelerate the hiring of new customers. The first purchase is requires a form that takes less than a minute. From that moment on, purchases are just a click away.



Once the insurance is activated, the countdown begins. The remaining time is illustrated with a wheel that records the time to expiration. The app comes to life and alerts the user about the expiration’s proximity. It launches a push notification, just like apps that manage the timed parking payments. When the expiration approaches, the user has the possibility to buy insurance that extends the original purchase’s life.


If you want to buy temporary insurance and you are an iOS user, download the Insurance Per Day app here. If you are an Android user download the app here.