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How Apps Help Office Building Administration

Office parks and buildings are complex spaces that harbor a large number of companies and employees. Managing such structures and coordinating all employees for optimal conditions can be very chaotic.

Apps are an ideal technological solution for office buildings. They help administrate the building through a direct communication channel with office tenants. They also promote coexistence.

The minimum services that an office building’s app should provide to its users are as follows:

Information inside an office park or buildings’ app

The app dedicated to the management of the park or office building must contain both information and digital tools for employees. Among them:

  • News related to the building or its surroundings: notices of construction, renovations, closures or openings, calendars with upcoming building programs, and offers and promotions on the premises (gyms, day care centers, travel agencies…).
  • Videos and relevant manuals for tenants: videos help to easily explain how to use the building’s elements and facilities. Also, the app is an ideal place to make manuals of professional risks, office hours, facilities and commercial premises accessible. This information accelerates onboarding employees in their offices.


Utilities for a business park or office building


Controlling and viewing cameras in real time through the app is a helpful tool for employees. At all times, they can know the busiest areas and anticipate wait times. For example, cameras can be in dining halls or elevators so employees can see congestion during peak hours.

Ride sharing/Carpooling

The application should also include a carpooling subsection. Through this, employees can contact one another to organize rides to work.

Corporate buses

Some buildings or business parks have corporate buses for their employees that facilitate transportation to specific points in the city. Through the app, employees will know bus schedules or subscribe to push notifications that notify them five or ten minutes before the bus leaves the station.

Easing the parking lot

One important feature for employees is information on opened parking spots. Usually, there is a set number of spaces distributed amongst a company. If an employee does not use his position one day, he can assign it to a co-worker on a waitlist. In other words, an employee can launch a notification that he will not use his spot. The notification then reaches the waitlist until somebody accepts it.

Restaurants menus

Know the daily menus of restaurants in the office park, commercial premises, and nearby sites through the app. Every day, employees call restaurants in the area to find out the daily menu. Through the app they can read the menu and even book a table.

Booking services


Office buildings and office parks often have meeting rooms available to tenants. The app should let employees book these rooms and request catering and audiovisual material. The option to book should be included for all services on the premises.


DIGITAL55 and custom development

The development of an application for the management of office parks or office buildings provides great help and value for the companies that make up those spaces.

At DIGITAL55 we are experts in developing custom apps. We are immersed in the development of apps for commercial spaces. If you are interested in developing a similar app, contact us.