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4 Trends of M-Learning & Technological Innovation in Classrooms

The possibility of applying mobile learning (m-learning) technologies in a school environment shows that it generates greater interest and interaction for students. Bearing in mind that they are digital natives, they are familiar with technology from young ages. Soits use in classrooms has multiple benefits for both students and teachers.

Here are four innovative trends in m-learning:

Viewing Mixed Reality

It is the union of virtual reality and augmented reality. Using devices such as augmented reality glasses, smartphones or tablets allow the student to interact with virtual elements to develop their learning in a dynamic and fun way. Developed by Microsoft.



Gaming learning uses applications and games in different devices, allowing the student to participate in learning a subject. You also have the possibility to play online with other classmates or with students from other places and / or countries. G-learning video example: Kahoot.


Synchronized Communication

Communication apps between the institution and the student or the parent-tutor is one of the tools already in use. They include information on deadlines for work, evaluation dates, or even daily tasks. They also can send push notifications with alerts of interest, such as exam grades. 


Ubiquitous learning uses a digital environment where the student can consult classroom teaching material, or expand subject matter via videos or documents published on the internet. This facilitates access to information at any time and on any device: smartphone, tablet, Smart TV.

There is a motivational component for students using m-learning technologies. Teachers applying this methodology show that it increases students’ educational performance due to greater involvement when compared to traditional teaching methods.

At DIGITAL 55 we have developed an app of synchronous communication, specially designed for educational and training centers, which has push notifications and all the possibilities of sharing didactic material directly to the smartphone. For more information, request a demo here.