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Five Spanish Startups That are Worth Following

We continue to identify Spanish startup companies that are worth following:


Coverfy is a startup created by Manuel Arianoff in 2016 and works as an insurance comparator. It compares the insurance you have already bought and warns you through its app (Android / iOS) if there are duplications, what your insurance covers, what it does not, and how much you could save on it.


Its use is quite simple. The user registers in the app and selects which companies he has bought. Through a digital signature, he authorizes that Coverfy can access his policy and become his insurance broker. This management comes at no cost and the user can unsubscribe from the service at any time.

Coverfy was the only Spanish startup to be a finalist in the “Global Fintech Awards 2017,” has more than 71,500 users, and also an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 between the Google Play and App Store platforms. The startup closed in October last year with a financing round of 3.5 million euros.


New Insurance Broker Web (NIBW)

We continue in the insurance’s world with New Insurance Broker Web. This startup, created by the siblings Alberto and Fernando de Lope in 2012, is a pioneer in temporary insurance policies in Spain. They developed the idea of “daily insurance” thanks to the collaboration of insurers AXA, ARAG and GES. They currently offer insurance in both daily and weekly terms, ranging, for example, from 1 and 28 days, and 1 to 12 weeks.

Daily insurance options include car, motorcycle, boat, agriculture, trailer, and caravan. You can also buy insurance through their website or their application (iOS / Android), developed by DIGITAL55.


Daily insurance offers micro and temporary insurance.


[…] it was a mandatory reading, but the students complained, rightfully, about Amazon’s book prices. More than thirty dollars and they didn’t know what condition it would be in because it was a really old edition.” This is how Yolanda Montesinos answered in an interview about how the idea of founding Freeditorial Publishing House arose in 2012. Freeditorial is a startup with Spanish roots where you can find a wide variety of books to download completely free and legally in both Spanish and English.


The startup also has an app on the Android system to access books at all times. Soon, it will also be available for iOS.

Furthermore, Freeditorial has a section for writers. Anyone can register for free and upload their texts to the website to share with other readers. So, if you like to write stories or poetry, or you’re just a regular reader, this is your platform.

Freeditorial offers free and royalty-free books.


Tallerator  is a startup that has done nothing but rise since its creation. Founded in 2012 by Pedro Pages, this car repair shop comparator tripled its turnover in just 3 years, reaching 3.5 million euro. That’s not all: in 2017, this Spanish startup increased its turnover by 43%, thus reaching 5 million euro.


Its main purpose is to provide customers with the opportunity to find repair shops in their area that work with their specific vehicle brand and model. It compares them so customers know which has the best price or service. Tallerator also offers other options such as asking registered shops for free quotes, and scoring them so that other clients know each garage´s reputation before making a decision.

This Spanish startup is also an opportunity for many workshops in Spain to make the digital leap. Professionals can register for free in Tallerator’s directory and will appear in user searches.


Tallerator finds your nearest repair shop with the best offer.


Stratomoto emerged in 2013 and in only four years it has become a benchmark in the motorcycle spare parts sector. It has the highest availability of all online spare parts stores in Spain. Its website has a large quantity of parts in stock for more than 80 different brands, as well as specialized attire for bikers at highly competitive prices.

Its blog is one of the most visited in the sector and has very complete information on topics of interest to motorcycle fans, including advice, news, tutorials, etc.


Stratomoto is the leader in retail sales of motorcycle parts.