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DIGITAL55 in the SAP-FIORI code challenge

Developing apps around SAP-FIORI

Sunday, March 3 we were in Barcelona for an event organized by APPLE and SAP for MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS. APPLE invited us to participate in a coding challenge to create apps on iOS with SAP-FIORI, the SDK platform from SAP for improving business apps on iOS.

Teams attended representing all of the large consulting companies from multiple European countries. During the first hour, SAP and APPLE presented about the product. Later, they explained the requirements and gave time for wire framing. The rest of the day was dedicated to programming.

At 18:30, they presented the results. There was little time to create an app, but enough to evaluate SAP-FIORI’s capabilities. The kit developed through SAP is a mix of components to securely connect cloud infrastructure with a series of common UX controls. This creates user interfaces that move SAP functions to mobiles. It also helps synchronize information between the app, the backend, and offline application functions as a demonstrable improvement.