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DIGITAL55 Develops Technology that will Change the Real Estate Sector

DIGITAL55 has developed technology that will allow real estate agents and agencies to share properties. Its aim is to trigger business opportunities for clients and operators. This practice has been customary for years in the North American market, which is much more liquid and competitive than the Spanish one.

The initiative was presented last week at the  Salón Inmobiliario ( SIMA). It is backed by the sector’s big operators including RemaxLook and FindPrimer Grupo, by large digital tool suppliers like Idealista or Inmovilla, and coordinated by MLS.

The digital exchange platform developed by DIGITAL55 will multiply the number of properties that an agent has in catalog and, therefore, the final offer that a customer can choose.

An API that regulates the exchange

The movement’s technology implies that, behind all the agencies and agents, there is a database where professionals list their properties. These properties are shared with the rest of the agencies and professionals authorized by the administrator.

An API runs above this database. It automatically facilitates real estate’s import and export to the internal software and authorized agents’ public pages.

All the influential Spanish agents support the movement and are participating in its gradual implementation.

A large database where all professionals list their properties