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Bizzcall Reimburses Employees for Corporate Use of their Personal Phone

Problem: Not all employees have a corporate mobile phone, but they all use their phone for business purposes. Furthermore, some workers prefer to use their personal mobile for work.

Solution in one sentence: Bizzcall is a platform that allows companies to pay workers for the use of their personal mobile at work.

Status: Product in the market. Selected by TechCrunch and MoviCap.

Solution Description: Bizzcall is an app that workers download on their personal mobile. When they make company calls they do it through the agenda on the app. The agenda of contacts is authorized by the company.

The system measures the time of each call. At the end of the month, it adds up the time spent on work calls, multiplies it by the rate of the worker’s plan, and generates a sheet of expenditures that the company uses to justify payment to the worker.

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