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Best Rated Apps of 2017

With the year about to end, it’s time to make an assessment of what have been the best apps of 2017 in terms of entertainment, utility, and innovation. Each year, the Google Play Store (Android), the App Store (Apple), and other highly influential platforms like Facebook propose their lists of the year’s top apps. At DIGITAL55 we wanted to collect those that, in our opinion, are the best of the best.

Apps solve everyday problems, organize important aspects of our lives or, simply, keep us entertained in our leisure time. Each year, new apps appear with revolutionary functionalities. Apps that help children with their homework, communities dedicated to assisting people with disabilities, and social networks to learn languages are some of the best apps the we received in 2017.


Best app, according to Google Play

Straight to the point, Socratic (1-5 million downloads on Google Play) has been the best app of 2017 according to the Android app store. This app, whose purpose is to help kids with their math, science, history or English homework, has an average score of 4.8 out of 5 between the Apple and Android stores.

The application works like a search engine: you write the question and the app finds an answer on internet. But its differentiating feature is its calculations. You write a mathematical operation on a paper, take a photo, and the application interprets the numbers and symbols. It processes the calculation to give you the solution step-by-step.

The application is available for both Android on Google Play, and iOS on the App Store.


Best of 2017, according to Apple

Augmented reality is trendy, so Apple starts its list with the best apps of 2017 that use this technology:

  • Euclidean Lands: A  3D puzzle videogame that fits the environment. Score: 4.6 out of 5.
  • Filmr: One of the most complete video editors that exists right now on the market. Score: 4.5 out of 5.
  • Insight Heart: A 3D heart that the user can interact with through augmented reality. Score: 4 out of 5.

However, of all of them, the app IKEA Places stands out, which allows them to generate a wide variety of furniture from its catalog in 3D, and allows the user to know how they would fit in their home. It has a 3.5 out of 5 average grade. This new app is exclusive to Apple.



Most highlighted apps in 2017

Cookpad recipes

Average score between App Store and Google Play: 4.1.
Downloads on Google Play: 10-50 million.

The app acts as a social network where you can share or use step-by-step recipes. It also allows you to upload or view photos of dishes prepared by other users. Cookpad has a huge community that has reported more than 92,000 positive comments on the Google Play Store and is in the top five best social apps on the same platform. However, it is not only limited to a mobile app. It also has a web page where you can find a vast amount of user recipes. The app is available for both iOS and Android.


Be my eyes

Average score between App Store and Google Play: 4.9.
Downloads on Google Play: 50,000-100,000.

Be my Eyes is an app whose sole purpose is to make life easier for blind people. The app is simple: When a blind user needs help reading, finding something or locating somewhere, the application will establish a video and audio connection that non-blind users receive, until someone who is available at that moment can help.

The Be my Eyes app has received the most innovative app award of 2017 on Google Play and is one of the best rated apps on iOS and Android.


Star Walk Kids

Average score between App Store and Google Play: 4.3.
Downloads on Google Play: 100,000-500,000.

Who said learning is not fun? Star Walk Kids is an interactive star map for kids to learn astronomy in a simple and fun way. It has a podcast and interactive elements that easily explain each planet of the solar system and other stars and objects of the universe, accompanied by data of interest to children.

It is available in the Android store and the iOS store. But be careful, if you are an Apple user, this app will cost you 3.49 euros.



Average score between App Store and Google Play: 4.0.
Downloads on Google Play: 100,000-500,000.

From children to teenagers. Kudos consists of a secure social network for young people. Parents can know how their children interact with the app at any time.

Among other things, this new app allows you to choose who can see your photos, make a selection of best friends, or explore and participate in different groups depending on your hobbies. The app has been cataloged by Google Play as one of the best social apps of 2017. It can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.



Average score between App Store and Google Play: 4.6.
Downloads on Google Play: 5-10 million.

Maya is a simple menstrual cycle calendar. Among its functions is the possibility of predicting when the cycle will start based on if you are in a relationship, if you take the pill, your body temperature, and your moods. The app also facilitates access to medical consultations and knowledge of fertile days.

It has been one of the winners of the FbStart Apps 2017 awards, and can be downloaded in both Android and iOS.



Average score between App Store and Google Play: 4.6.
Downloads on Google Play: 1-5 million.

Tandem is a social network to learn languages in a simple way. The idea, quite revolutionary, is based on the interaction between people from different countries so that they help each other learn. The “teachers” are native speakers willing to lend a hand to other users who want to improve their level in one or several languages.

With a community of more than 100 million people, the interactions are based on proposing a topic of conversation in the language you would like to speak. You then wait for an interested user, and talk through video or audio chat.

The application has been chosen by Google Play as one of the best social applications of 2017. It is available to users with Android and iOS.


Money Lover

Average score between App Store and Google Play: 4.5.
Downloads on Google Play: 1-5 million.

Money Lover is an app that allows you to control your day-to-day expenses. Its interface is very intuitive and easily accessible for the wide variety of options it offers. The app also allows the creation of budgets to know the viability of an idea, and a very complete monitoring of savings, bills, etc.

This app is on the Android Excellence Apps list, so it is a safe bet for quality. There are two versions: one free and one paid. Both can be downloaded from Google Play and from the App Store.



Average score between App Store and Google Play: 4.9.
Downloads on Google Play: 1-5 million.

And last, but certainly not least, is the SoloLearn app. The purpose of this app is to teach amateur users to program. It is one of the best rated apps on Google Play, with more than 150,000 positive comments. It contains lessons and practical exercises of the most popular programming languages ​​of the moment: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C ++, Java, PHP, SQL, Ruby, JQuery, C # and Swift.

The application is one of the winners of the Facebook FbStart Apps award and is available on both Google Play and the App Store.


Overall, in 2017 we have seen diverse apps at the top of the charts: volunteer apps, recipes apps, social networks for children, mathematics apps for young people, and programming language apps. All of them have features that help improve daily life. With the year about to end, We know what trends are likely for designing UX / UI apps next year. We can only ask that 2018 bring us more apps that make our lives easier.