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Augmented Reality and Ten Other Innovations for the Automobile

The advantages of augmented reality to improve driver security and comfort are increasingly applied in vehicle prototype. They show an idea of what the future car will look like.

We group some of the most innovative proposals carried out in the automotive sector:

1. Augmented reality

An augmented reality system that provides the driver with information about elements from the outside. This includes time, traffic accidents, and directions. The technology’s use resembles that of Google Glass, but adapted to the automotive sector.


2. 360 Tire

Tire that adapts to the terrain. It is made of a “bionic skin” that consists of an elastic polymer, which uses a network of sensors to capture its surroundings’ information.


3. Efficiently tinting windows

System that adapts the tonality of the crystals to the weather conditions of the exterior. In this way it regulates the temperature inside the vehicle, optimizing the air conditioning system and reducing its consumption.


4. Gesture-controlled steering wheel

Gesture control on the steering wheel through a detection zone. It recognizes hand gestures, activating different functionalities of the vehicle without needing to release the steering wheel.


5. Heads-up display

The HUD system is a display with information useful to the driver, such as the speed or level of fuel consumption. Its goal is to keep a clear road view and to reduce the risk of accidents.

6. Motion stabilizer seat

The seat is adjusted by moving kinetically with the body weight of the occupant, helping to stabilize the movement of the head, thus preventing the vehicle from swerving and making the field of view stable.


7. Health monitoring

This technology is designed to detect potential health problems while the driver is behind the wheel. It monitors the driver’s vital signs including heart rate, eye movement, and brain activity.

8. Digital light

Through this system, the vehicle shows potential obstacles on the asphalt, such as ice. The lights are also capable of reproducing GPS indicators as well as lights to replace road markings.

9. Luxury interior with automatic driving

Given the proximity of autonomous driving, brands such as Rolls-Royce and Mercedes Maybach are developing models that have a futuristic interior in which the user can enjoy the journey without worrying about driving.


10. Artificial intelligence

At the Bosch ConnectedWorld 2017 international conference, an artificial intelligence system has been introduced to cars. The vehicle will have autonomy to detect the behavior of other drivers. Through an agreement between Bosch and Nvidia, they are creating a chip that stores user behavior data so that the standalone car can circulate in any traffic circumstance.


The vehicle will have the autonomy to detect other drivers’ behavior