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Apps & Crowdparking, Innovative Solutions for Parking Problems

Crowdparking has solved the problems of drivers struggling to find parking in big cities. These apps help them save time and, in many cases, money.

We have compiled a list of the most innovative and highest valued parking apps:

The 5 most innovative apps

1. Valeet, parking with valets

Reserve valet service at your destination. A Valeet driver is responsible for parking in one of the associated parking lots, then returning the vehicle to its owner on the same site or at a different address.

2. WeSmartPark, parking through a contactless system

By registering on the app, WeSmartPark sends a smart sticker to the user. This gives them contactless parking, without need to collect or pay tickets.

3. ElParking, access to parking lots via Bluetooth

It looks for parking in public and private lots by connecting to a smart device in each location. In addition, in regulated parking areas and Via-T Toll systems, one can pay from the app.

4. Wazypark, parking availability in S.E.R

This app’s main feature is that it puts users who leave their parking spots in contact with others who are looking for it and want to reserve it, indicating when and where it will be free. It also includes services such as parking finder, fine alerts, gas station comparator… etc.

5- Parquo, renting private parking spots

Rent private spots that are unoccupied for the day. The users enter their destination data, and the app shows the available places by contacting the owner. The price of the square is more economic and owners get extra income for their spot while they are not using it.

Crowdparking’s main novelty is the scientific study of its effects on collective behavior.

5 most valued apps

1– Telpark, the leading app in payment convenience

It is one of the highest valued apps, with presence in most cities of Spain and Portugal. It allows users to pay from their smartphone in regulated parking areas, and even buy train tickets.

2 – Parkopedia, 50 million parking spaces

Reserve parking in regulated areas in over 6,000 cities throughout 75 countries covering more than 50 million spots. It explains the prices of the lots, the distance to them, and if they have electric charging spaces.

3 – E-Park, parking time management

The user manages the parking time from his smartphone. He is able to assign the remaining time on his ticket to other users. This service is available to individuals and companies in several cities in Spain, as well as major European countries like Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, and more. 

4 – Parking Panda now is Spothero, the highest valued in the USA

It compares in real time the prices of parking lots so the driver can make a reservation in advance, especially on days with greater traffic influx in cities. Access to the parking lot is through a code that the user receives on his smartphone.

5 – Saba, parking payment for train stations and airports

Reserve parking in train stations and airports. You can select the payment plan by schedule: 24 hours, all day, all afternoon. It also has an electronic toll system.

What do the statistics say? 80% of car owners would be willing to use these apps*.